Saturday, April 24, 2010

S'mores Bars For the Kiddos

For my cousin's birthday I made s'mores bars (I made 'em smaller 'cause they're for kids). I gave half to the cousins and half to the neighbors. Kids make life so much fun--and they give me yet another excuse to bake. I used to bake for my college friends, but now I bake for kids. And teachers. And family & friends.

Anyway, I saw these s'mores bars on Lovin' From the Oven (go there for the recipe) and made them because all kids love s'mores, right? I actually asked my neighbor if he and his sister like s'mores, and you should have seen his face light up and his happy nod. Adorable! Anyway, the bars also look so darn good in this picture (sorry...mine aren't as good 'cause I was in a huge rush). I've also started loving the idea of s'mores things, although after these I'm a little tired of that idea. Why? They're just soo sweet. And pretty darn messy, which is okay. I like the real thing best.

The most marshmallow-y part (you can see how the marshmallow creme came out of the top layer a little...and I think that was actually the best part - had a little of that toasted marshmallow flavor that I just LOVE):

The chocolate layer (exactly two King Size Hershey's chocolate bars):

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